Solar Batteries & Battery Storage

The Best Solar Batteries & Battery Storage Systems for Perth Homes

Hybrid Solar Systems

A hybrid solar system is a type of solar power system that combines solar panels with solar batteries. This allows you to store solar energy for use when the sun is not shining, or during a power outage. Hybrid solar systems offer the best of both worlds: the reliability of the grid and the independence of off-grid solar.

Sungrow SBR Modular Batteries

Sungrow SBR 3.2kw modular high voltage LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) solar batteries.

sungrow modular solar batteries for perth homes

We stack between 9.6kw and 25.6kw, with a potential to have up to 4 8×3.2kw modules paralleled to store up to 100kw capacity.

100% useable energy, multistage protection design, plug and play installation reducing the amount of wiring required.

Featuring a warranty of up to 10 years, the Sungrow SBR series is a high performing, safe and flexible solar option for the home or business owner.

Huawei Luna Modular System

The Huawei Luna2000 battery storage system is a great option for the would be solar storage owner.

huwai luna solar batteries for the home

Solar battery tower. These are stackable between 5kw -15kw with the option to add a power backup feature. The option is available to stack 2 x towers together for 30kw of solar battery storage.

The Luna2000 comes with a 10 year warranty, features 100% depth of discharge and is a safe reliable LFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) solar battery storage system. A great storage option for both single and three phase home owners.

Battery-free Hybrid Backup Systems

Sungrow “Black Start” Backup Systems

Sungrow hybrid systems come with the option to include the Black Start backup feature. If the grid turns off, normally the solar inverter turns off as it’s directly powered by the grid, Sungrow hybrid systems will use your solar power generation to keep operating and provide selected appliances with power through out the power outage.

If you include a battery later on, the Black Start will also charge your battery in a power outage with any excess power.

Why Hybrid Solar Systems Matter!

Best Return On Your Investment

Lithium solar batteries are expensive. If you put in a basic solar system or an oversized high performing one, buying batteries for your solar system is a large upfront investment.

This is where hybrid systems play a huge role.

For a similar cost, you can maximise your solar batteries, over-sizing the power up to 85%. In summer, additional power may not be needed, but over-sizing really comes into its own during winter and poor weather.

Hybrid systems help keep your solar batteries operating at their full potential all year round. This turns your system into a profitable investment.

What is oversizing?

Oversizing is adding more KW’s to a solar system’s ability to generate power than what is typically allowed.

Solar inverters can be oversized by 33.2%. 5kw inverters can handle 6.6kw of panels. 10kw inverters can handle 13.2kw of panels.

A special rule applies when adding solar batteries, increasing the total allowed capacity of KW’s on a system.

How much extra do Hybrid Inverters cost?

Hybrid inverters cost more than their standard counterparts, but typically, they cost less than if you were to try and add solar storage batteries to a non-hybrid system further down the track.

Over-sizing panels however, barely adds anything to the total cost, as the higher the volume of KW’s added, the more STC’s (Small-scale Technology Certificates) are generated, This off-sets most of the cost of the extra solar panels.

What system should I choose?

There are a whole heap of choices when it comes to solar batteries and solar products in general.

We recommend you choose a system

  • that is well known
  • has Australian support and
  • offers features that benefit you

Urban Future can help recommend solar batteries or a system based on what you want to achieve, and will never install a product that we don’t trust.

Installing Home Solar Batteries

huwai solar battery pack
Single Phase Battery Installs

With the right panel and inverter combination you can oversize your typical 6.6kw with a 5kw inverter to 11.6kw.

This maximises performance all year round, ensuring your house is always powered and the battery is always charged.

huawei solar battery pack
3 phase Solar Batteries

Three phase properties have the luxury of installing some powerful high performing systems.

10kw hybrid inverters installed with batteries allows up to 14.9kw of panels. Expect your power consumption to be reduced by approx 85-95%

commercial solar system with battery storage
Commercial Solar Batteries

We supply both over-sized and maximum-performing solar battery systems for businesses and other commercial applications.

Every business’ needs and consumption differ, so speak to one of our staff for a customised quote that best suits your sustainable energy goals.

Final Thoughts

Hybrid solar systems are a great option for Perth homes that want to store solar energy for use when the sun is not shining or during a power outage. They offer the best of both worlds: the reliability of the grid and the independence of off-grid solar.

Some of the best batteries and battery storage systems for Perth homes include the Sungrow SBR Modular Batteries and the Huawei Luna Modular System mentioned above. Both of these systems are made with high-quality LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries and come with a 10-year warranty.

Hybrid solar systems can also be used to create a “Black Start” backup system, which will allow your solar power system to keep operating during a power outage. This is a great option for homes that are located in areas that are prone to power outages.

If you are considering installing a solar battery system for your Perth home, be sure to speak to a qualified solar installer to discuss your specific needs and budget.

Naturally, we would like you to speak with us first. 🙂

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