The Future is now

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, it’s easy to think that because we separate household waste and consciously take a shower rather than a bath we’re doing our bit for the environment, and that bigger green concerns are problems for world leaders and governments to solve. As mindful of the issues as we all are, we often don’t bite the bullet and take practical action that effect the future of the planet until it personally affects our own lives or the lives of our loved ones – or maybe more importantly, our wallets.

Likewise, for many of us, the idea of a ‘smart home’ where artificial intelligence and machine learning runs our lives and our homes is still the stuff of the Jetsons, and we’re maybe not quite at the point where, like George Jetson, our beds eject us out in the morning like a piece of toast, but the reality is that the technology to create smart, sustainable homes is right here, right now.

"What a great service, Daniel is pleasant to deal with and answered all my questions exceptionally well. he did two very unique houses that are extremely difficult in my opinion and Im impressed on how everything was handled."

David Heath

"Highly recommend Dan and the Team at urban future. Hard working guys with a friendly nature. Great competitive prices for their roof clean and restoration services. Thank you!"

Michael Hannoush

"Really happy with my experience with urban future.
I called Dan and inquired about installing a solar system. He thoroughly explained what was needed for our situation. He answered all our questions, then booked a time that suited us both for the install. The install is very neat and tidy given the roof space wasn't facing the ideal way.
Over all couldn't be happier with the Service, Knowledge and Customer service."

Scott N

"Incredibly impressed with the professional efficiency and customer service provided by this company. Navigating through the endless options for solar power installation can be incredibly daunting.. After having read other positive reviews for urban future. I decided to go ahead with this company. From the very first phone call, right through to installation, my experience with them was of utmost satisfaction. The whole process was quick, efficient and hassle free with a very short waiting time ( around 2days ). The team that installed the system were also very respectful, professional and efficient in their work . Needless to say i'm thrilled with outcome and i am enjoying the free electricity that my new solar power is generation. Go confidently with urban future you can't go wrong !"

Navjot H

"urbanfuture completed a roof and gutter restoration as well as solar installation for our home. Matt was great to deal with and communicated well throughout the entire process, keeping us informed all the way through even after some delays outside of their control. We are very happy with the end result and highly recommend them."

Shaun R

Incredibly many home designers and architects don’t include these features, possibly because it increases up-front costs and does little for aesthetics. But even if you built without the latest technology, or you have an older home, most solutions can be retro-fitted to existing homes and, as-near-as-dammit, be cost neutral. You’ve just got to know who to talk to and how to do it – but there lies a problem.

As with all evolving technologies, there’s lots of so-called experts out there. Individual companies who hard sell their systems with ‘today only’ discounts that will allegedly heat, cool, help cook and even clean your house. And maybe another firm that will sell you technology that will filter your water, make your pool crystal clear, conserve and store energy and even take you off grid…and amazingly, today it’s all on sale!

The truth is, it is all out there but who can you trust to guide you through the sustainable, smart home minefield?

Who will cut through that jargon and focus on first listening to you, and then and only then, give you impartial advice and supply of technology based on your individual situation and budget.

urban future believes in a good old fashioned, no fuss, hands on approach to solving futuristic problems. The business was founded by Daniel McDonald, with many years in the industry, Dan has a background in physics and engineering and views every job, large or small, as part of the bigger system of home management, unique to your specific home. What sets him and his team apart, is that they approach every project with a combination of logical, analyZcal, and creaZve thinking to solve problems, not sell product. With unparalleled knowledge of the very latest, technological solutions, they work to put you in control as you step towards energy independence; advising, designing, project managing and supplying technology that doesn’t cost the earth – and doesn’t cost the earth.

Through experience and knowledge, they exist to make the home of the future a reality for all of us, making renewable, smart energy achievable, affordable and for you and your family, transformational.

The end result will be an investment in the future, that delivers today (for some urban future clients, their only utility bill is for water – and that’s minimised). But the biggest wins come as time passes, because the advice and solutions that they offer are design for now, but future proofed for the years ahead.

As technology evolves, because urban future takes time to understands your personal future needs, in most cases the system can evolve with it, URBAN FUTURE are there beside you, this is a shared journey, not one that is here today and gone tomorrow. They believe in forming long-term relationships with customers and even connect customers with each other, to create a brains trust of smart-home people. URBAN FUTURE are always there for you to turn to, with energy and with purpose, for advice, information or just a friendly chat, keeping homes and families in control, and just like The Jetsons, one step beyond the future.

Why not connect with Daniel and the team at urban future today, it might be the smartest thing you’ve ever done.