Solar Panels Perth

Solar is a great investment for your home. We have a wide range of panels to get you started.

Here’s a few of our most popular panels

Jinko 415w N Type

The N Type is Jinko’s premium panel. Currently the 415w Jinko N Type is arguably one of the best panels for the money available on the market and features a 21.74% module efficiency.

A premium panel, with a reputable brand with twice the industry standard replacement warranty.

25 year replacement warranty
30 year performance warranty

Jinko Tiger 440w

The Jinko Tiger 440w panel (2020 model) is a great panel option when you don’t have a lot of room for panels.

A high wattage panel with small dimensions makes this panel invaluable for tight designs. It has a 20.77% module efficiency and the standard Jinko warranty.

12 year replacement warranty
25 year performance warranty

Longi 415w LR5

This panel is new to the Australian market (2022) and works great with certain battery options. Due to its low voc and parameters, you can fit larger amounts of panels on strings. A normal 5kw battery system can be oversized to approx 9.6kw, this panel allows up to 11.6kw on most of our inverters. This modules has an efficiency of 21.3%.

15 year replacement warranty
25 year performance warranty

Longi 370w LR4

This panel boasts a 20.3% efficiency, for a 370 watt panel its very competitive.
This Longi panel was our go to panel for fitting as many panels as possible in tight spaces due to its small dimensions, but now in 2022 it comes with a fantastic price tag. It’s cost & efficiency allow us to make powerful cost effective systems. Showing great things can come in small packages.

12 year replacement warranty
25 year performance warranty

JA 390w All Black

The JA All Black module is a beautiful panel, with a sleek design. Don’t like the look of the silver/metal some panels have, look no further.

The panel still offers a 20% module efficiency as well a competitive warranty.

15 year replacement warranty
25 year performance warranty

JA 415w Deep Blue

A larger module in the JA panel range, it’s a good solid panel to have in a solar power system for your home. The JA panels make great mid range panel option that also comes with a 21.3% module efficiency and a standard JA warranty.

15 year replacement warranty
25 year performance warranty

Hyundai 390w

A great panel when wanting performance and reliability. It has been tested to withstand vigorous weather and salt mist making it a perfect choice for coastal homes.

Their panel has a high efficiency of 20.8% and outperforms many panels in worse conditions due to its shingled technology. A premium panel with a premium warranty.

25 year replacement warranty
25 year performance warranty

Trina 400w S Vertex

Trina Solar’s new Vertex S Module is the first 400 W level module designed for residential and C&I rooftops.
This panel has a model efficiency of 20.8% with high density interconnect technology. The panel gets a boost in performance in warmer weather over some other panels due to its low operating temperature.

15 year replacement warranty
25 year performance warranty

What our customers say

"What a great service, Daniel is pleasant to deal with and answered all my questions exceptionally well. he did two very unique houses that are extremely difficult in my opinion and Im impressed on how everything was handled."

David Heath

"Highly recommend Dan and the Team at urban future. Hard working guys with a friendly nature. Great competitive prices for their roof clean and restoration services. Thank you!"

Michael Hannoush

"Really happy with my experience with urban future.
I called Dan and inquired about installing a solar system. He thoroughly explained what was needed for our situation. He answered all our questions, then booked a time that suited us both for the install. The install is very neat and tidy given the roof space wasn't facing the ideal way.
Over all couldn't be happier with the Service, Knowledge and Customer service."

Scott N