Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps

Urban Future Pool Heater Heat Pump - Sustainable Future

EvoHeat Fusion Series

The Evo Fusion-i heat pump is the ideal choice for recreational pool & spa owners looking to extend their swim season with minimal running costs.

Designed with the latest technology including stepless full DC inverter compressors, fans, and control systems – the Evo Fusion-i is the energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to enjoy a longer swim season.

With more features as standard, like the intelligent touch screen controller and built in timers, the Evo Fusion-i is the smarter alternative for those considering gas, solar thermal or electric element heating.

Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps

EvoHeat Force Series

The award winning Evo Force-i series heat pump is our high performance pool and spa inverter heat pump. These year round pool heaters have the lowest running costs.

Designed with the latest step-less full DC inverter compressors, fans, and control systems – all working in perfect harmony to provide optimized heating and cooling with the lowest operating costs.

With higher performances, lower noise levels, and more features as standard; the Evo Force-i is the most energy efficient & environmentally friendly of all pool heaters available.

Why Heat Pump Pool Heaters?

Heat Pump pool heaters are an efficient and cost effective way to heat up your pool. Using excess power generated from your solar panels, it serves as a great alternative to feeding back power into the grid on a lower tariff.

The system works by heating up the temperature of the water in the pool by approximately 2°C until the desired temperature is met, usually 28-30°C.

As the heater is connected onto existing pipework, it operates when the pool pump is on, which is only usually 2-3 hours a day, which provides sufficient chlorination to the pool. Pool heaters will need to run longer to heat up the pool, so the chlorinator will need to be reduced to about 10-15% in order to keep the pool at optimal levels.

Pool heating works best with a pool cover, as an added incentive the manufacturer for the EVO-HEAT unit supplies custom made pool covers, at the customers request, at near cost price. Heat pumps are a more cost efficient alternative to pool gas heaters.

With one of the highest Coefficiency Of Performance (C.O.P.) ratings available worldwide, EVO pool and spa heat pumps are up to 15 times more energy-efficient than other technologies in the market.

The graph shows you how EvoHeat stacks up against other traditional pool and spa heating methods. The results indisputably show that EvoHeat excels at providing real value for money, while also not abusing the environment.

What system upgrades are available?

Evo J-Box
The J-Box allows for autonomous control between the pump, chlorinator and heat pump. So each device can run independently of the other making the entire system more efficient.

Evo Louvre 1000
The Louvre is a stylish and durable ventilation add-on that redirects cold air away from the heat pump, allowing for better airflow and enhanced airflow. Especially beneficial in tight spaces where airflow may be impacted.

Wifi Adaptor
The Wifi adaptor lets you control your pool heater wirelessly from an app.

How much power does it consume?

At 27°C (average recommended setting) the Eco Fusion i7 draws between 0.15-1.28kw, scaling up to the i19 which consumes 0.32-3.65kw.

The Force performance series i9 draws between 0.33-1.33kw scaling up to the i28(3 phase) which draws between 0.42-4.64kw.

Different size systems require difference power supplies, the data is available in the brochure links above.

What is the warranty?

Evoheat Pool heaters offer the following warranty:

25 years on titanium heat exchanger
5 years on compressor (Force)
3 years on compressor (Fusion)
2 years on parts
1 year on labour