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Are solar batteries getting cheaper?

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Image: Sungrow SBR 16kWh HV LFP Solar Battery & Huawei LUNA 10kWh HV Lithium Solar Battery

The average price of a solar battery system in Australia has fallen by around 14% each year for the past few years. In Perth, the average cost of a home battery system is around $7,000 for a 6kWh system, $10,000 for an 8.5kWh system, and $13,000 for a 10kWh system. But are batteries getting cheaper in the long run?

The short answer is …

Yes, solar batteries are getting cheaper in Australia.

A hybrid system is a solar system that includes both solar panels and a battery. This type of system can provide power during both the day and night, and can also help to reduce your reliance on the grid. Hybrid systems are a good option for people who want to maximize their solar energy savings and who live in areas with frequent power outages.

Here are some things to look for when identifying a good deal when it comes to home battery systems:

  • The cost of the system

    Make sure to compare the prices of different systems from different installers.

  • The size of the battery

    The size of the battery will determine how much energy it can store.

  • The warranty

    The warranty should cover the battery and the installation.

  • The financing options

    There are a number of financing options available for solar battery systems.

  • The reputation of the installer

    Make sure to choose an installer with a good reputation.

You can also get a quote from a solar installer (that’s what we do) to get an idea of the cost of a solar battery system in your area.

Additional things to consider when deciding if a solar battery is right for you

  • Your electricity usage

    The more electricity you use, the more you will save with a solar battery.

  • Your feed-in tariff

    A feed-in tariff is a payment that you receive for the excess solar electricity that you export to the grid. If you have a high feed-in tariff, you may not need a solar battery.

  • Your state’s rebates and incentives

    Some states offer rebates and incentives for solar battery systems.

  • Your budget

    Solar batteries can be expensive, so make sure that you can afford the upfront cost.

Is a 10kW battery system enough?

It really depends on your energy needs and the climate you live in.

A 10kW solar system can generate about 40kWh of electricity per day in ideal conditions. However, the amount of electricity generated will vary depending on the amount of sunlight, the orientation of your solar panels, and the shading on your roof.

A 10kWh battery storage system can store about 9.7kWh of electricity. This means that it can store enough energy to power your home for about 2.4 hours during a cloudy day or at night.

If your daily energy needs are less than 20kWh, then a 10kW solar system with a 10kWh battery storage system may be enough to meet your needs. However, if your daily energy needs are higher than 20kWh, then you will need a larger solar system and/or battery storage system.

You can also consider using a hybrid solar system, which combines solar panels with a battery storage system and a backup generator. This type of system can provide you with electricity even during extended periods of cloudy weather or power outages.

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