Jinko 415w N Type

The N Type is Jinko’s premium panel. Currently the 415w Jinko N Type is arguably one of the best panels for the money available on the market and features a 21.74% module efficiency.

A premium panel, with a reputable brand with twice the industry standard replacement warranty.

25 year replacement warranty
30 year performance warranty

Jinko Tiger 440w

The Jinko Tiger 440w panel (2020 model) is a great panel option when you don’t have a lot of room for panels.

A high wattage panel with small dimensions makes this panel invaluable for tight designs. It has a 20.77% module efficiency and the standard Jinko warranty.

12 year replacement warranty
25 year performance warranty

Longi 415w LR5

This panel is new to the Australian market (2022) and works great with certain battery options. Due to its low voc and parameters, you can fit larger amounts of panels on strings. A normal 5kw battery system can be oversized to approx 9.6kw, this panel allows up to 11.6kw on most of our inverters. This modules has an efficiency of 21.3%.

15 year replacement warranty
25 year performance warranty