Installing an iHeat hot water system reduces the average family’s carbon footprint by up to four tonnes of CO2 per year – the equivalent environmental benefit of planting 200 trees or removing 1 standard car off the road.
The I-Heat ground mount system attracts the highest STC values on the market. Small-Scale Technology Certificates represent the amount of electricity displaced by a solar hot water system over the course of its lifetime up to 10 years.

Designed to withstand harsh Australian climate.
All copper collector with black chrome selective coating maximises energy absorption.
Latest iHeat smart control technology constantly manages real-time water temperature.
Sleek and modern low profile design.
Offset your carbon footprint & utilise Australia’s vast sunshine.

Smarter Electric Booster Electric boosted models feature an in-tank heating element that activates only when the stored water temperature drops below a set temperature minimising your energy costs to heat your water.


Fully Installed
With Direct Swap

✔ Includes Electrical
✔ Old System Removed
✔ Includes Gov. Incentives / Rebate

Model: I-Heat Twin Panel + Electric Booster + Ground Mount Tank

Tank Capacity: 315L

High quality, powerful 4m2 collectors
315L ground mounted tank
Good reliable large family sized system
Fully Installed and designed by Australian plumbers for Australian conditions.
Designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions
Huge federal government incentives