Envirosun’s Thermosiphon Solar System is a 300L roof mounted solar system featuring a large stainless steel tank and two high quality panels on the roof.

Thermosiphon flow is a natural process that causes movement or circulation of water, air and gasses. In the case of this system it occurs as a result of the density difference between warm and cool water – warm-water, because it is less dense, naturally rises to the top of the tank and displaces denser cool-water, which then circulate through the panels.

Provided the fluid in the collectors is hotter than the base of the storage tank, circulation continues. As the collector temperature approaches that of the tank, circulation stops – automatically. The whole process occurs without the need for any external power to operate pumps or valves.

This product is the result of over 25 years worth of experience and innovation, offering the best globally sourced parts to bring a strong system into the solar hot water heating market.


Fully Installed
With Direct Swap

✔ Above industry standard 7 year warranty
✔ Old System Removed
✔ Includes Gov. Incentives / Rebate

Model: Envirosun Roof mounted 300L Twin Panel Elec Boosted.

Tank Capacity: 300L

High quality twin panels
300L roof mounted stainless steel tank
Good reliable system best suited for 3-4+ persons
Industry leading European made tank
High performance hot water system
Huge federal government incentives