Envirosun AS “Active Solar” System is a 315L ground mounted solar system featuring a large premium grade tank and two high quality panels on the roof.
The system also comes with a pump and controller that automatically operate the water heating process
The AS System circulating pump is controlled by an electronic
microprocessor that is located on the side of the storage tank and adjacent
to the pump. When the collectors are 10°C hotter than the tank, the controller starts the pump and water begins to circulate between the tank and collectors. Circulation continues until the temperature difference between the tank and collectors falls to 1°C and the pump is then stopped.

Once the tank is full of hot water, the pump is switched off until the temperature difference reaches the threshold.

While pumped systems have been around for many years, modern electronics and materials have brought improvements in both function and reliability. Today’s Envirosun AS systems adopt many of these technological advances and blend them with our collector technology to create a range of high-performance active solar hot water systems that maximise solar absorption and storage.


Fully Installed
With Direct Swap

✔ Above industry standard 7 year warranty
✔ Old System Removed
✔ Includes Gov. Incentives / Rebate

Model: Envirosun AS 315L Ground Mount Twin Panel Elec Booster

Tank Capacity: 315L

High quality, twin panels
315L Ground mounted tank
Good reliable system best suited for 3-4+ persons
Internationally sourced industry leading parts.
Designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions
Huge federal government incentives